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TimeGate '10 costuming events--a quick review 
4th-Jun-2010 12:14 pm
ten tie shirt suit coat by dasha_icons
Quick TimeGate report for costuming events only, under the cut.

Even though the con lost Paul Kasey at the last minute (his grandfather passed away and the services were held over the weekend--our thoughts are with him and his family during this tragic time), TG was still well-attended, with popular panels filling up the rooms quickly.

One of the most popular panels was my costume panel. :) If you were one of the unlucky ones who got turned away, rest assured that we are working on things to be better for next TG! For those of you who attended, I hope the panelists gave some great info.

We had two seamstresses, both of whom attended in stunning Clockwork Droid outfits (complete with masks), a long-time costume contest and masquerade organizer, and myself. :) The seamstresses presented a lot of good info on sewing, patterns, wigs, accessories, and the like. The costume contest helper (with close to a decade and a half of experience) had a great list of how to present oneself and one's costume to best advantage at a costume contest or during a masquerade. I spoke about putting outfits together for the modern Doctors and Companions, bringing a few new pieces to illustrate my part of the panel, and also gave out a one-page handout that listed the major costuming and crafting comms here on LJ, the Prydon Academy's info, and several others sites that I've found to be of help. (I'll post it when time permits, as RL is crazy at the moment.)

After a few Q&As, we moved to the Show'n'Tell portion of the panel, an audience fave. :) This time we asked for volunteers, although there were some stunning costumes that I just had to call on the person wearing them. Crowd faves were the 11th Doctor and the 5th Doctor, both tailored to perfection. Dominic Glynn found all the costumers to be most wonderful, but was totally impressed by the 11 Doctor, stating that the costumer even had Matt's walk and gestures down pat (if one is cosplaying and just not costuming, these are important points to include in one's cosplay). Another very impressive costumer was wearing the Mercy Hartigan red dress from The Next Doctor. Again, she not only had a great dress, she had Mercy's gestures and facial expressions to the max, and used her red parasol to great advantage.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the costuming panel, especially those who attended in costume, and also those who were happy to show and tell about their costume. :)

Later, on Saturday evening, we had a huge group of DW costumers to hit the ballroom stage for the masquerade. Everyone showed off their costumes to lovely advantage. At the end, all the participants took to the stage for a major photo op, many of them in character.

Again, I hope everyone who attended TimeGate '10 had a great time, and I suggest that everyone be on the look-out for major guest announcements for next year any day now. :) And I hope I'll see many of the TG costumers at Dragoncon! :)

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